Oak Framed House

We elected to undergo a new build project having no experience of property development whatsoever. As such, key for us was to find someone with whom we felt that we could communicate easily and, crucially, could trust to guide and steer us through the whole process.

We met Bob Pierce at Rostrum following an introduction by previous clients of his who had been very pleased with his work. Having been in dialogue with Bob on several occasions to discuss our project and needs, it became clear that Bob was just the person we required to take on the project management in addition to the build itself.

Bob approached the project with a considered thoughtfulness and intelligence right from the off, and his ability to see things spatially allowed him to question the original design without imposing his ideas. This led to some very creative and inspirational changes to the internal layout which were a marked improvement on the original architects design.

The quality of the build itself is first class. The attention to detail throughout has been of the highest standard - it feels like the journey was a personal one for Bob as well as us.

When faced with various challenges along the way, Bob quietly researched one or more solutions, taking expert advice when necessary. Thus, when we were advised of the said challenge, the most appropriate solution was presented to us immediately. This greatly reduced the stress and anxiety one often hears about that seems to go hand in hand with new build projects.

In terms of project management skills, Bob's ability to work to schedule, dove-tailing the various sub-contractors neatly allowed us to move into our new home only a week after the original projected date.

If we were to undergo building projects in the future it is most likely that we would again look to secure the services of Rostrum to realise our dreams.

Liz H.
Oak Framed House