Project Management

Strong project management is essential to creating exceptional results, delivering projects on time and to (or even below) budget, whilst also adding value, increasing efficiency and reducing individual costs.

Whilst a building project can be undertaken to a pre-determined price, Rostrum Building increasingly operates to a multi-discipline project management model. We frequently provide a one-stop-shop, managing and coordinating all elements of the design and construction. Fully transparent, our building services are flexible and can be fine-tuned to a client's requirements to match the exact needs of their project. Rostrum Building provides project management throughout; monitoring programme, supervising the works and managing a tight budget. Working closely with the client, Rostrum Building will go to tender and procure contractors to carry out the works in line with the agreed schedule and cost plan. With a pre-agreed fee, there are no hidden costs, no exaggerated profit margins, but an open book scenario covering all aspects of your building project.

Effective project management rests upon the foundations of a strong rapport and working relationship with the client – who can be involved as much, or as little, as they wish during the process. Rostrum Building takes the load off of the client and reduces the hassles - we are on your side at all stages of the job and skilled at managing the major elements and the minutiae on your behalf in a seamless process.