Arts & Crafts

We had previously worked successfully with Rostrum on two minor projects, and had personally recommended them to a number of friends, all of whom had successful projects. The ability to work flexibly with us, with a fabulous attention to detail made the selection a very short process.

One of the most important elements to anybody undertaking any build is cost. Having a builder that is both accurate and realistic in the cost proposal is critical to the customer in both understanding the costs involved and not having to manage any ‘surprises’ down the line!

One of the things we always take great comfort in when working with you is that we feel we can trust you to forecast our costs to complete very accurately and fairly for the quality of the build we require, rather than bidding lower to get a job and then bringing in extra costs later.

Our overriding desire was to place a building in the landscape that would be admired for it’s quality, simplicity and “respect for tradition”, so that in the future others may stop and appreciate that this development was “loved and thought about” and not simply assembled as fast as possible: Rostrum gave us the confidence that this could be achieved from the outset.

The four key attributes offered by Rostrum (in order of importance) are:

1). Absolute honesty

2). Attention to detail and quality

3). The patience to spot when a client is struggling with a key decision and the subtle skill of standing back to allow them to make a decision (even if the answer is one that was planted by Rostrum!).

4). Realism in advice and planning

They are an oasis of common sense in a sector where it is often hard to find quality, loyalty and openness. There is a spirit of partnership in their work, that changes the whole philosophy of a Building Contract.

James & Sonya M.
Arts & Crafts Farmstead