Arts & Crafts

This new farmstead draws upon the local architectural tradition popularised by Lutyens and other Arts and Crafts architects. The house has a mixture of rooflines, subtle changes in elevational materials and varying eaves lines, all to suggest the buildings' gradual evolution over time.

Rostrum Building opted for a palette of materials including red brick, clay hung tiles and timber weatherboards to match local examples. Local stone, brick and timber-frame (traditionally made from green oak) with pegged joints and recycled elements combine to give the appearance of a Surrey farmstead that has stood for many years.

"Without exception every tradesmen on the project (and even those making deliveries) have commented unprovoked on the beauty of the building and itís Oak structure. I am entirely satisfied that Rostrumís influence has insured that the budget has been largely maintained except for changes that we have instructed.

The build has been delivered with the minimum of stress, disruption or confrontation, without any surprises, and without an accident or major error."

James & Sonya M.
Owners, Arts & Crafts

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