Local suppliers and manufacturers offer a strong network that has been built up over many years, sourcing both new and reclaimed supplies. Windows, staircases, radiators, bricks and other items can invariably be sourced in a local area, offering not only the most fitting products but also minimising the carbon footprint in their acquisition.

Reclaimed and feature items such as fireplaces, stone, feature airbricks, peg tiles, chimney pots, doors and ironmongery are regularly included when delivering a client’s vision. Lead work, copper and cast iron features further add to the effect of a build.

Sustainable and reclaimed wood products to enhance the home. Rostrum Building uses reclaimed beams, floorboards and other wood products to sympathetically enhance and improve property. Where reclaiming is not an option, sustainable green oak is sourced for timber frames and other needs, largely from northern France.

Natural stone may not be readily available new or not without a significant environmental impact – but reclaimed products can be sourced through a strong network of reliable, trusted suppliers. Bargate stone (no longer quarried) and natural slate for roofing can be reclaimed and put to dramatic use.

Handmade products complete the picture when reclaimed or “off the shelf” are either unavailable or inappropriate. Locally produced clay tiles and handmade bricks maintain the integrity of a project, whilst offering a low carbon footprint option.