Sustainable Energy

Ground source energy can supply heating and hot water to a property at a ratio of 1 kilowatt of energy in providing 4 kilowatts of energy out. This offers a saving of 75% on energy costs and by reducing the fossil fuel impact provides a very environmentally modern route to heat for the long term.

Air source energy provides both heating and hot water in a manner not dissimilar to ground source energy, however it requires a smaller external ground footprint for installation. For each kilowatt entering the system, the client benefits from 3 kilowatts out - a clear environmental and economical saving.

Underfloor heating is ideally, but not exclusively, suited to working in conjunction with both ground and air source heat solutions. Operating at a lower temperature to more traditional heating options, it provides a balanced heating system but draws upon less energy to operate, thereby reducing the environmental impact.

Rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling are becoming increasingly exploited, environmentally friendly options, saving valuable energy in using a readily available recycled resource for day-to-day needs such as garden irrigation and toilet flushing.